Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of the Naughties Part I (In the yeeeear twwwooo thouusaaaaaand...)

I have been wanting to jot down some things about the past decade. This blog is severely neglected, so I will try to barf something out right now.

This decade has brought me to the attention of some pretty amazing artists. Flipping through iTunes, I don't know if I can rate them in an order. Top 10? Top 20? Top 100? I don't think there's enough time to do that. Oh wait, I got nuthin' better to do. I'll give it a go.



The Beatles- 1
The Beatles 1

The Beatles really weren't on my radar until this album. I had heard Sgt. Pepper's when I was younger, and I wasn't into it. Listening to this album while driving up to the Snowbowl in Flagstaff, I realized the Beatles sang a bunch of tunes I didn't really know were Beatles tunes. I thought to myself, "I really have to look into these guys."

Björk Selmasongs
Björk Selmasongs

This is an unfuckingbelievable album (if I remember correctly, she did all the arrangements herself), and the last one by Björk that I really got into. The Lars von Trier movie is gutwrenchingly beautiful and brutally depressing- one of my favorites. I only recently got this album back, I haven't heard it since it was stolen with the rest of my music in 2004. Short and sweet, it's my first or second favorite Björk album. Thom Yorke has a duet on this disc, a much better performance than effin Peter Stormare in the movie. Thom also guests on...

PJ Harvey- Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
PJ Harvey Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea

This is PJ Harvey's most commercial and accessible work. And it has some of my favorite PJ Harvey songs (Horses In My Dreams, Kamikaze). Wikipedia says it was named one of Time Magazine's 100 best albums of all time. Slick and glammed-out glossy, it's very distinctive from any of her other work. Also, all the album art and press and concert photos from this era, Polly's fucking sick hot.

The Bloodhound Gang Hooray For Boobies
The Bloodhound Gang Hooray For Boobies

As an unabashed fan of One Fierce Beer Coaster, this album sucked.

Deftones White Pony
Deftones White Pony

I remember hearing Change (In the House of Flies) on the radio and saying, "Fucking Deftones better not turn into what Korn turned into." (Amazing how much my music tastes have changed in 10 years!) I have never heard this album in its entirety. But fucking The Passenger with fucking Maynard fucking rules.

Grandaddy The Sophtware Slump
Grandaddy The Sophtware Slump

Hewlett's Daughter played on repeat when I worked at Virgin Megastore. It was infectious, it was different, it was amazing. It sent me on my way to discovering new indie bands. This disc was on repeat for many months following its purchase. I haven't got into any of the other Grandaddy releases like I have this one. Every song a classic. One of the most depressing and haunting albums I own.

Modest Mouse/764-Hero Whenever You See Fit
Modest Mouse/764-Hero Whenever You See Fit

Brilliant. I only really like the first cut, the other two tracks are remixes, and they're ok. The Gold is in the first track.

Nobody Soulmates
Nobody Soulmates

This album was always on when we were smoking. A super-tripped out delight, it was another one that I didn't get back till this year. Nobody has released one or two more, but doesn't begin to touch this release's brilliance and charm. On my all time faves list.

A Perfect Circle Mer De Noms
A Perfect Circle Mer De Noms

I didn't really get into this album until a few years after its release. A good, brooding, emo album. The softer side of Maynard James Keenan.

Radiohead Kid A
Radiohead Kid A

This album changed everything. Just like OK Computer did. I don't know what else can be said. This album has been covered ad nauseum all decade long. But this is the one that ushered in the new millennium for me. This album came from the future. It gave the middle finger to the fan base and the media. If you weren't down with the new sound, you weren't coming along for the Radiohead ride for the better part of the decade. Only with In Rainbows did they start venturing back toward something more digestible and accessible to the masses. I know many people who crinkle their noses and say to me, "Well, I like old Radiohead." Ef you kids, go back to your Dave Matthews Band.

Ween White Pepper
Ween White Pepper

The seventh full length, and the first to not feature any cursing (WTFLOLBBQ?!?!!?!11), this was maybe one of the most accessible from the band. This was the first new Ween album I bought. I was super excited for it to come out, but I gotta say I was a bit disappointed when I first heard it. Coming off their entire previous catalog, this one was different. I bought it at midnight and my Ween pal and I immediately sped home to smoke a joint. It's grown on me for sure since then. Not in the top 5 Ween albums, but still a remarkable release from that year.

So the top 5 of 2000?

5.Grandaddy Sophtware Slump
4.Björk Selmasongs
3.Nobody Soulmates
2.PJ Harvey Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
1.Radiohead Kid A

Some quick 2000 film thoughts.

Almost Famous dir. Cameron Crowe

Liked it at the time, and it was a Big Deal at the time. Has since, along with most of Cameron Crowe's mediocrity, lost alot of gloss and favor in my mind. Jason Lee rocks it, though. Fugit never hit big and I cannot fucking STAND Kate Hudson.

American Psycho dir. Mary Harron

Was very drunk during the viewing of this film (as I was most of the time when I saw a movie at Scottsdale Century 6 drive-in). But it is generally well liked by people, I remember laughing a lot, and Sarah and I are looking forward to seeing this very soon.

Cecil B. Demented dir. John Waters

This was at a time when I was just really getting into (good) film, so of course this movie spoke to me. Funny as fuck, as to be expected from the venerable Mr. Waters.

Dancer in the Dark dir. Lars von Trier

A Lars von Trier musical?! WITH FUCKING BJÖRK?!! How will this qualify as Dogme 95? All of these film nerd thoughts rang through my mind when I first read about this movie. As stated above, it's a brutal beauty, much in the same vein as Children of Men. Watch it if you dare. It's worth it.

Erin Brockovich dir. Steven Soderbergh

Didn't see this movie until a few years after its release. Glad I did, Julia Roberts turned me off but turns in a non-vomit inducing performance.

Gladiator dir. Ridley Scott

Never seen this in its entirety. But I remember it was the Big Shit back in 00. I also remember it was The Best Selling DVD of All Time up to that point, shortly after its release. DVD was juuust starting to get super big at this time. I was working Virgin Megastore at the time and I would love walking by the DVD display where all the various movies would be playing. It felt like High Def does today.

High Fidelity dir. Stephen Frears

Whenever this movie's on, I will watch it to the end. I love that this movie really got the "lists" fad going. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I love Cusack and Jack Black in this one. Great soundtrack, great lines, and what's her name is pretty hot. I love this story, and with my new found free time, I'm putting the Hornby book on my To Read List.

Memento dir. Christopher Nolan

Fuck. This movie is in my top ten favorites. There's nothing I can say to make this movie any better, and I'm ashamed it hasn't made its way back into my library. Saw it with my dad at Camelview. I miss me some Camelview. :(

O Brother, Where Art Thou? dir. Joel Coen

This movie was everything a Coen brother movie offers. Funny as hell and entertaining as shit, it made a bunch of cash and the soundtrack was an out of left field, bonafide fucking PHENOMENON. Love it.

Quills dir. Philip Kaufman

Fell asleep during this movie. Gotta remember to put this on my Netflix.

Requiem For a Dream dir. Darren Aronofsky

Pi got this director on my radar and this follow up cemented him as one of my favorite directors. A sad fucking flick, but visually arresting and exciting nonetheless.

Snatch dir. Guy Ritchie

Fuck this movie and fuck Guy Ritchie. Although I may give it another chance one day and I hope I eat my words when I see Sherlock Holmes soon.

Traffic dir. Steven Soderbergh

Another one I couldn't get through. It's on the list for a second chance, folks.

Unbreakable dir. M. Night Shyamalan

I saw this movie in the theaters. Loathed it. Loathe Shamalamadingdong. Putrid garbage.

Wonder Boys dir. Curtis Hanson

Just found out this movie is an adaptation of a Michael Chabon book. Christ this is a great flick. Warms my heart to think about how much I enjoyed it and miss it from my collection.

X-Men dir. Bryan Singer

FinallyFINALLYFINALLY someone made a decent superhero comic book adaptation. Thrilled it was my favorite book and thrilled that it spawned a litany of other decent (Marvel anyway) comic book flicks. And he's stated he's coming back to the franchise (to get that Superman stink off of him)!!

Top 3 of 2000:

5.O Brother, Where Art Thou?
4.Wonder Boys
3.High Fidelity
2.Dancer in the Dark

Well that's the year 2000 in a medium sized nutshell. Musically and Cinematically speaking of course. As for what was actually going on in my life, there's not enough time to document any of that stuff before the end of the year (if ever).

As for the rest of the decade, I'm not sure that will be done before the rest of the year either, since this post took the better part of a day. But I'm gonna try.

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  1. Wow. Reading over this post, I didn't realize so much awesome shit came out that year.

    A lot of music came out this year that I didn't listen to until years later, but really love. I think four of the albums from this are on my "Albums of the Decade" post. (http://nonphenomenallineage.blogspot.com/2009/12/albums-of-decade.html)

    First: Didn't hear that PJ Harvey Album until 2008. It is AMAZING. I also love "Kamikaze" & "Horses in My Dreams". "Big Exit" is also great.

    Second: Sophtware Slump is amazing. But you seriously need to spend some quality time with Under the Western Freeway. Espescially "Nonphenomenal Lineage" (namesake for my blog, btw). It will not disappoint. I love Grandaddy, and I still think that album is their best.

    Also, I didn't know White Pepper was a non-cursing album! It's definitely not their wackiest album, but I really like it. "Back to Basom" and "Flutes of Chi" are classics in my opinion.

    Didn't even know that Modest Mouse album or Nobody album existed until late last year when Justin gave it to us. Both are great!

    RE: Selma Songs...I only have like one track from that album I think. Share!

    Saw Almost Famous when it came out, but don't remember much about it. Except that I think Fugit is pretty hot, in that "Boy Next Door" sort of way. A girl from my college was in this movie for a bit part. Of course, for my college newspaper, we wrote an article about her small role, titling the article (what else?!?) "Almost Famous".

    Funny about Hi-Fidelity, I thought it was like 2 or 3 years earlier. I don't think I've seen it all the way through, but I've heard enough hype about it that I don't really care anymore.

    I liked American Psycho, and forogt it was that old! Man. How time flys.

    WONDER BOYS! I want to see it. But kind of want to read the book first. Chabon is a Class A writer, and all of his books should be read by everyone. Plus, I want to see this move because this is back when I thought Tobey Maguire was pretty hot.

    Requiem for a Dream was the most horrific and scarring movie I have ever, and might ever seen. Monster comes close, and also Schindler's List, but I still think RFAD beats them. Makes me shudder to think about it!

    I loathe Shamalamadingdong as well, esp. this movie.

    I saw Memento when it came out, and it was so impressive! Let's rent it soon, it's been 10 years since I've seen it. So great. Very memorable.

    Also saw Gladiator when it came out. Don't remember too much about it except that I thought they overdid the CG, kind of like 300.

    There was SO MUCH HYPE about Traffic. I finally saw it in 1996ish. Thought it was kind of cheesy and laid the preachiness on a little too thick. Although I do remember the scene, with glee, where Sandra Bullock is laying, broken on the staircase, calling her friend, who can't come to help her, because she's 'at the spa'. AHAHAHA!

    Finally, totally agree with you on everything you said RE: O Brother Where Art Thou? I loved that movie. It's an adaptation of Homer's Odyssey. I'm always suckers for movies that are adaptations of classic stories with a completely different take (Like how Strange Brew is an adaptation of Hamlet).

    Little sidenote about "Oh Brother: the movie poster font is actually a font called "Brothers", by Emigre, my favorite font foundry. I was thinking that maybe the font was made for the movie (font was released in 1999) but their website does not confirm or deny and so I remain in the dark.

    BTW, where are your blogs for the rest of the decade?

  2. they are promised to be done before the 20's.